Noten Aialan

Noten Aialan emi wanpela kantri bilong Yurop. Inglan, Skotlan, Wels na Noten Aialan wantaim i mekim Yunaitet Kingdom. Noten Aialan i wanpela kantri long ailan Aialan.

Northern Ireland
Tuaisceart Éireann
Norlin Airlann
Location of  Noten Aialan  (orange) – in the European continent  (caramel & white) – in the United Kingdom  (caramel)
Location of  Noten Aialan  (orange)

– in the European continent  (caramel & white)
– in the United Kingdom  (caramel)

(and largest city)
54°35.456′N 5°50.4′W / 54.590933°N 5.84°W / 54.590933; -5.84
Tokples bilong gavman English
Ulster Scots1
Ethnic groups  99.15% White (91.0% Northern Ireland born, 8.15% other white)
0.41% Asian
0.10% Irish Traveller
0.34% others.[1]
Gavman Constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Elizabeth II
 -  First Minister Peter Robinson MLA
 -  deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA MP
 -  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron MP
 -  Secretary of State (in the UK government) Owen Paterson MP
Legislature Northern Ireland Assembly
 -  Government of Ireland Act 3 May 1921 
 -  Olgeta 13,843 km2 
5,345 sq mi 
 -  2009 estimate 1,789,000 
 -  2001 census 1,685,267 
 -  Densiti 122/km2 
315/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2002 estimate
 -  Olgeta £33.2 billion 
 -  Long wanwan manmeri £19,603 
Karansi Pound sterling (GBP)
Taim hap GMT (UTC+0)
 -  Sama (DST) BST (UTC+1)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Drives on the left
Intanet kod .uk2
Telefon kod +443
1 Officially recognised languages: Northern Ireland has no official language. The use of English has been established through precedent. Irish and Ulster Scots are officially recognised minority languages
2 .ie, in common with the Republic of Ireland, and also .eu, as part of the European Union. ISO 3166-1 is GB, but .gb is unused
3 +44 is always followed by 28 when calling landlines. The code is 028 within the UK and 048 from the Republic of Ireland

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