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This template is used to display a small flag icon next to a wikilinked country name. It is related to the {{flagicon}} and {{flagcountry}} templates, but offers more options in terms of the text string displayed.

See en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template for the main documentation/discussion page for the flag templates system.

Usage senisim

{{flag|country identifier|optional variant|name=alternate text string}}

  • country identifier is the common name of the country (e.g. "United States"), a common alias (e.g. "US"), or a standard country code such as those listed at en:ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
  • variant is an optional second parameter that can be used to display a flag variation, such as a historical flag. The list of variants for each country is documented on the appropriate template page, such as Template:Country data Germany
  • 'alternate text string, specified by the name parameter, is used to display alternate text

See the prefix index for the templates latently called by this one.

Examples senisim

Wiki markup Displays Notes
{{flag|United States}} Plak bilong Yunaited Stet United States Note that both instances link to United States.
{{flag|USA}} Plak bilong Yunaited Stet USA
{{flag|Germany}} Plak bilong Siamani Germany All three instances link to Germany.
In addition to the ISO country codes, those used by FIFA, IOC, etc. are also supported.
{{flag|DEU}} Templet:Country data DEU
{{flag|GER}} Templet:Country data GER
{{flag|Germany|empire}} Plak bilong Siamani Germany Flag variations can be used with either country names or country codes.
{{flag|DEU|empire}} Templet:Country data DEU
{{flag|CAN|name=Canadian}} Templet:Country data CAN The name parameter can be used to change the display string but keep the link to the correct article.
{{flag|Canada|1957|name=Canadian}} Plak bilong Kanada Canadian The name parameter can also be used when flag variants are specified.
{{flag|Texas}} Plak bilong Teksas Texas Flags are also available for several sub-national entities such as US states and Canadian provinces.
A complete list can be found at Category:Country data templates.
{{flag|British Columbia|name=BC}} Templet:Country data British Columbia