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[[Fail:Brosen windrose.svg|thumb|200px|right|A [[compass rose]] showing the cardinal directions]]
'''CardinalKadinol directionsdireksion''' oro '''cardinalkadinol pointspoint''' arebin theol fourfo mainbig directionsdireksion oro pointspoint ofbilong the compasskampas: [[northnot]], [[eastist]], [[southsaut]] andna [[west]]. TheseDis directiondireksion arebin alsotu writtenraitim inlong shortsmol formwe as '''N''', '''EI''', '''S''' and '''W''' long [[Tok Pisin]].
North and south are directed towards the north and south [[pole]]s of the [[Earth]]. The Earth's rotation defines east and west. The sun rises in the morning on east, and sets in the evening on west.
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