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[[FileFail:Brosen windrose.svg|thumb|200px|right|A [[compass rose]] showing the cardinal directions]]
'''Cardinal directions''' or '''cardinal points''' are the four main directions or points of the compass: [[north]], [[east]], [[south]] and [[west]]. These direction are also written in short form as '''N''', '''E''', '''S''' and '''W'''.
Through history, different [[culture]]s have given different values to each direction. For example, long culture bilong [[Esia]], each daireksion is given a kola, as follows:
* '''Ist''': [[Grin]] o [[Blu]]
* '''Saut''': [[Red]] laik faia
* '''West''': [[Wait]]
* '''Not''': [[Blak]]
== See also ==
* [[Latitude]]
* [[Longitude]]
* [[Compass]]
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